A man and his senior father walking on the beach.

4 Healthy Activities to Try with Your Dad this Father’s Day

Every year, we celebrate Men’s Health Month in June to raise awareness about the various health issues that affect men and how to spot and treat existing conditions. We want to see more American men and boys seek routine medical checkups and screenings. Remember to wear blue on June 16 to show your support!

June is also the month we honor and thank the father figures in our lives on Father’s Day. The best way to celebrate Father’s Day and Men’s Health Month is to organize a day of healthy activities for you and your dad to participate in together.

The best gift you can give your senior dad is quality time together. Here are some ideas for fun and healthy activities you can enjoy with dad:

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Take your dad for a stroll around the neighborhood he grew up in. You might have noticed that your father enjoys thinking back to his younger years as he gets older. By engaging both the mind and the body, this short but impactful stroll will benefit your and your father’s overall health.

Family Cookout

Bring the whole family together and prepare a traditional or family recipe together. You can get dad to talk about the significance of that recipe for your family, moments from his and your childhood, and enjoy flavors that take him back to those precious moments. This is also a form of review therapy that boosts self-esteem and happiness for people living with dementia.

A man, his son, and his senior father cutting vegetables together.

Go Through Family Photos Together

Flip through photo albums of your childhood – or even your dad’s if you can – and think back on how those moments felt. Your father will enjoy revisiting his past and writing captions for the pictures he’s taken throughout his life. You can also invite his friends or neighbors from the independent retirement community he lives in to join the fun.

Go on a Tranquil Fishing Trip

Take your dad fishing on Father’s Day and spend some quality time together in nature. When you go fishing with your dad, you’re not only teaching him new abilities, but you’re also building his self-confidence. Fishing is a recreational therapy that helps people regain and hone their physical and cognitive skills, ultimately improving their overall well-being.

Research has shown that older persons’ mental well-being improves when they participate in leisurely activities like fishing. If you have a senior family member who wants to stay healthy as they get older, professional home care can help them in many ways. If you’re looking for safe and reliable elderly home care in Oklahoma, our advisors can help.

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