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6 Steps to Choosing the Right Assisted Living Facility

7% of the elderly population requires full-time care from other people. The percentage of people who require some sort of assistance is even larger.

At one point or another, seniors need care or assistance with their daily needs and chores. Assisted living facilities are a great help here.

But not all of them are built the same. Keep on reading to find out how you can pick the right one.

Step 1: Tour the Facility

Always start with touring the facility. It’ll be your loved one’s home after all. Inspect their safety features, how accessible it’s, what are the social areas like, and more.

Step 2: Get to Know the Staff

Even though you’re the primary caregiver, in an assisted living facility, the people taking care of them are the staff. Check what background and training they’ve had, how many are on duty, and whether they’re friendly.

Step 3: Check Activities & Amenities

Many people who look for an assisted living facility for their senior loved ones have different ideas about the right fit. It depends on what the senior’s hobbies and likes are. Seniors who are involved in activities and staying busy face lower stress levels and have a slower cognitive decline.

senior yoga

Step 4: Inspect Meal Choices and Quality

Once you’ve toured the facility, checked the amenities, and spoken to the staff, don’t forget to check what the cafeteria is like. This way, you can meet other residents and get honest opinions directly.

Step 5: Consider Comfort

Some seniors are social butterflies, while others like their space and interact sparingly. Will your senior loved one like to keep a pet? Because some places might be pet-friendly but others have a strict no-pet policy.

Step 6: Go Through the Financials

Just as the 29,000 facilities in the US aren’t the same, neither are their costs. Check their billing and payment policies. Financials are a major factor in deciding on a place.

Services might be included in the monthly fee, but some places have extra costs for activities. Is it covered under your insurance, or will you be paying out of pocket? Go prepared with all key questions related to finances.


Let Us Help You Find the Right Living Option for You

Picking the right assisted living facility is an important task. You’re entrusting your loved ones’ care to them, after all. That’s why you should always do your research and pick the best option. We can help you do that!

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