Are you constantly worried about the safety and well-being of your elderly parents? Family members admit that they lose focus at work because they keep worrying about them when they’re not around. Did they eat? Were they able to take their medications on time? Was the dosage correct? These questions can disrupt your peace. You can put your worries to rest by finding a senior living in OKC community for your beloved parents. There are two types of senior living communities – assisted and independent living. Find out which one suits your parents best.

woman doing a puzzle with her clid in an independent living facility in oklahoma

The Differences Between Assisted Living and Independent Living


What Is Assisted Living?


Assisted living communities aim to provide a safe and comfortable place for seniors. These communities are fully equipped with all the amenities needed to help residents thrive and perform activities of daily living, such as grooming, eating, and bathing.


Since it’s a place for seniors, residents will not feel isolated. According to research, as people grow older, they feel more and more isolated. Depression is common among seniors because they don’t have the same social life as they once had. In assisted living communities, they are given the opportunity to socially interact with other residents as well as with the in-house staff.


Various activities are also offered to keep residents entertained. The goal of assisted living communities is to allow the seniors to receive the support and care they need in a safe, homey, warm, and comfortable environment.


It’s different from independent living because independent living communities do not provide nursing support and medical care. The focus of independent living is for convenience and to help seniors maintain an active lifestyle.


The ideal candidates for assisted living are seniors who require assistance with bathing, eating, grooming, and other daily activities. It’s also beneficial for seniors who have difficulty operating household appliances, those lacking proper nutritional support, and those with chronic health problems or increased feelings of loneliness.


What Is Independent Living?


If you’re looking for a safe and homey community that supports independence for the elderly, you may want to consider independent living. Independent living offers older people opportunities to live a healthy and active lifestyle while exploring new hobbies.


The beauty of independent living is that the seniors get the best of both worlds. They can practice their independence, and at the same time receive help and assistance when they want to. In addition, an independent living community offers access to entertainment, dining, and other amenities.


There are perks when you take your loved ones to an independent living community. The elderly don’t have to worry about home maintenance. In addition, being able to socialize with other residents and staff of the facility helps combat depression and loneliness. Overall, independent living communities improve the residents’ mental health and wellness.

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