Being young presents many opportunities for making friends: classes, work, and the neighborhood are all great places to meet someone new. As we age, though, it can become more difficult to find people we connect with. If you call senior living in Oklahoma home, here are some ways you can make friends in your community.

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Check the Calendar

Typically, assisted living communities will put on a variety of events, designed to create a sense of community among residents. It’s worth looking at that calendar to see if anything interests you.

This can be a great opportunity to find people who love to do the same kinds of things that you do, but it can also be an excuse to try something you’ve never done before.

If you can’t find any events you’d like to join, start one of your own. There may be other residents who’ve been looking for an event similar to the one you’d like to create.

Buddy System

If there’s anyone you’re already comfortable with, you may want to see if they’ll come with you to one of your facility’s group events. Having a buddy is a great way to break out of your shell.

Make Yourself Available to Others

One of the best ways to make new friends is by making yourself available to others. Letting people know that you’d like to make friends is an invitation to others who are feeling similarly.

Take Advantage of The Common Area

The more time you spend in the common area, the more likely you are to see people. There are many activities you can do in the common area:

  • Reading
  • Watching TV
  • Doing Puzzles
  • Using Your Tablet

Even if you choose to do a solitary activity, like reading, you’re giving people the chance to say hello to you.  

Leave Your Door Open

Depending on the community you’re living in, you may even want to keep the door to your room open during certain hours. This lets people know that you’re open to having guests come visit you.

Have Meals with Other Residents

You can rely on many members of the community to be present during mealtime, so it makes sense to try making friends then. Sitting at different tables on different days can expose you to many members of the community.

On the other hand, you may want to look across the room for the people who are having the most fun. Even if groups look established, people are often open to meeting new residents.

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