Senior care services encompass a wide range of situations, including assisted living, memory care, and more. But what if you want home care?

You may need Medicare to cover at least some of the costs. Many people get confused when trying to navigate America’s Medicare system, so we hope this article helps you determine whether you qualify for coverage.

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Does Medicare Cover Home Health Care?

Yes, patients with Part A or Part B Medicare coverage can receive home health care, provided that all three of the following facts are true:

  • You’re under a doctor’s care.
  • The doctor certifies that you’re homebound.
  • You need part-time (e.g. physical therapy) or intermittent skilled nursing care.

Medicare C plans vary based on the provider, so you’ll need to contact yours to determine whether they offer home coverage.

How Do You Discover Whether You’re Eligible?

If you believe you’re eligible for home health care coverage, you can speak with your doctor. That said, medical insurance can be confusing, which is one of the many reasons why it's beneficial to speak with a senior living advisor.

They’ll be able to look at your situation and provide specific advice. They can also provide insight and answer questions you wouldn’t even think to ask.

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Looking for Senior Care Services in Oklahoma City?

You’ve come to the right place. Arrow Senior Living Advisors is a team of advisors with vast experience helping seniors and their loved ones plan for the future. Our expertise encompasses navigating both housing and medical care.

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