Do you have a senior relative who is looking for a low-stress community where they can thrive? Independent living has been providing retirees with the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle, try new hobbies, and have access to medical services when needed. Arrow Senior Living Advisors is dedicated to finding the right community for you and your loved ones so they can benefit from independent living.

Three elderly man conversing.

What is Independent Living?

Independent living is an excellent choice for seniors who want to live independently but still have access to assistance when needed. These communities give residents access to dining, entertainment, and other fun amenities. Your loved one will be in a safe living environment with minimal assistance so they can live freely.

Advantages of an Independent Lifestyle

Independent living communities can offer many benefits for seniors. Some of these include:

  • No more housekeeping and maintenance
  • Freedom to pursue interests
  • Helps combat loneliness
  • Improved health and wellness

Independent Living vs. Assisted Living

The biggest difference between independent living and assisted living is how well your senior loved one is able to manage their daily activities without the extra assistance. Suppose an aging adult has trouble with things such as personal hygiene, managing medications, and driving. In that case, they will benefit more from an assisted living community where help is always readily available. However, if your loved one can still live independently and enjoys having access to assistance when they need it, they’ll enjoy independent living more.

Are You Looking for Independent Living in Oklahoma?

Ensure your loved one makes the most out of their retirement with independent living. Arrow Senior Living Advisors can find the perfect community so your senior relative can be themselves and explore new hobbies while having access to assistance when needed. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to call us!