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Making Memories with Alzheimer’s Patients

Alzheimer’s patients in the early stages generally have a hard time remembering recent events. Though they may remember events from their childhood. As Alzheimer’s Disease progresses, however, these memories also fade away.

While bringing back memories can get complicated, there are ways to trigger recall. As a caregiver for someone with dementia, you can help them navigate the early stages of memory loss by building a memory vault or bank. 

Keep the following things in mind to make sure you and your loved one have enjoyable and meaningful experiences:

Know How to Phrase Your Questions

When a person with memory loss is caught off guard and unable to recall a crucial fact in front of a crowd, they might feel embarrassed. If the entire family is reminiscing and recounting anecdotes, avoid putting them in an awkward position with specific questions.

Don’t ask questions like, “remember what you told me when we went camping last week?”. Instead, ask a more general, open-ended question like, “What was your favorite memory from our camping trip?” This will help them open up without feeling interrogated.

Don’t Expect Them to Recognize Everything

Instead of pointing at people in photographs and asking your loved one, “who is that?”, provide some context for the image. Tell them the event that picture was taken at or point out fun details. Comments like “it’s so sweet how everyone wore red that day” or “this looks like your daughter’s wedding day” will help them recall the event better.

Remember to save any old images that bring back happy memories for family member living with Alzheimer’s so you can go back to them often.

Don’t Dominate the Conversation

Remember that it’s perfectly acceptable to participate in your loved one’s memory-keeping session by sharing some of your own. However, being a good listener is just as important as being a good speaker. Your family member may struggle to articulate their thoughts at first, but don’t give up on them. You never know when you’ll be rewarded with a priceless anecdote or recollection.

Revisit the Vault with Positive Energy

Once you think the memory vault is ready, put it to good use. Bring out photos and other mementos throughout the day to remind the person of cherished connections, events, and places.

Creating a treasury in honor of a loved one shows that you care about their legacy even after their memories fade. When you record a person’s memories, you’re recognizing the wonderful things they’ve accomplished and can still achieve.

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