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Mental Changes to Expect in Senior Adults

Senior adults are always at risk of developing mental health disorders due to the effects of aging. Since they’re already going through a range of debilitating chronic conditions, they often feel isolated from society, have limited mobility, and have memory problems.

Aging affects all parts of our bodies, even our brains. With age, it’s common for people to experience cognitive changes, have communication issues, and feel more confused and easily irritated.

Whether you’re looking after someone in an assisted living community or providing in-home care to your aging parents, here are some mental changes all seniors commonly go through.

Decreased Attention Span

One of the most common mental changes in aging adults is their decreased concentration. These changes are usually brought about because of the structural changes in the brain. The brain region creates memories and goes through many neurochemical changes which affect an individual’s ability to process and remember information.

This could mean that they aren’t capable of participating in lengthy conversations. This gradual decrease in their attention span might also make them incapable of staying interested in one activity for a long time.

Memory Loss

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Many seniors experience age-related forgetfulness or even more serious memory problems like dementia and Alzheimer’s. This could include losing things, forgetting to go to important appointments or events, facing difficulty coming up with words, etc.

If your aging loved one has serious memory problems, consult with their doctor about any possible treatment plans that could help minimize the symptoms.

Psychological and Behavioral Changes

Older people are more likely to experience mental health and behavioral problems because of the changes their body is going through. These mental health issues can include depression, anxiety, isolation, and even psychosis.

If you ever notice signs of poor mental health in an aging individual, make sure you’re taking them to a psychologist to address any mental health issues early on before they progress.

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