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The Ultimate Checklist for Taking Care of Elderly Parents

There are 54 million people in the US that are 65+ or older. Although many are independent, there are still some that require help. A lot of times, help comes from their children, who take on the roles of caregivers.

They can be taking care of their elderly parents themselves, or they might pick an assisted facility. If you’re one of the people taking care of your aging parents, here’s a checklist to help you do it better.

1. Make Living Arrangements Senior-Friendly

The first thing you need to take care of when it comes to elderly parents is to look over their housing situation. If they’re in an assisted facility, you want one that fulfills all their needs.

If they’re in their own home, you’ll want to make it physically safe for them.

· Remove any tripping hazards such as extension cords.

· Install grab bars in the bathrooms.

· Have a shower seat installed if they have a tub.

· Add extra lights or motion sensors if needed.

· Make sure the hot water doesn’t run too hot.

· Check the smoke alarms and change the batteries every few months.

2. Establish Boundaries

Everyone wants their parents to have the best care but pushing yourself to give that care is also detrimental to your health. Establish some boundaries and know your limits.

3. Know Your Options

If you can’t provide the needed care for your elderly parents, look into options to give them the care they need. There are many assisted living facilities and nursing homes across the US.

4. Learn More About Their Finances

Look into financing options if you opt for an assisted living facility or memory care for your parent. You’ll need to know more about their financials and see whether the care facilities in your area take Medicaid, Medicare, or are covered in long-term insurance.

5. Protect Them from Financial Scams

According to the FBI, seniors lose around $3 billion annually to financial scams. Criminals specifically target the elderly.

Keep your aging parents apprised of all the scams and monitor their bank account activity. You can also hire a financial planner to handle the responsibilities of your elderly parents.

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