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The Ultimate Guide to Independent Senior Living

There are nearly 29,000 assisted living facilities in the US, some private and others government-operated. There are a lot of misconceptions about assisted living. Therefore, many seniors don’t move to assisted care until forced to.

The main reason behind this is that they feel like they’ll completely lose their independence and will have to depend on someone else. This is simply not true. Although there are cases where seniors need full-time care, they can also opt for independent senior living.

What is Independent Senior Living?

Independent senior living arrangement is designed for retirees with amenities, different activities, housekeeping, and medical assistance. The living arrangement can be in the form of apartments or houses.

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The Benefits of Independent Senior Living

Independent senior living is great for a variety of reasons.

A Safe & Soothing Environment

Just because your senior relatives are physically well on the surface, doesn’t mean they don’t need a little help now and then. Having a relaxed environment where they can get the help they need quickly is one of the best benefits of independent living.

Staying Physically Well

Most independent living facilities have on-site amenities and a network of professionals that keeps seniors physically well. There are also activities, and the residents can indulge in new hobbies. This ensures physical wellness.

Combats Loneliness

According to research, loneliness in the elderly can cause various health problems. Independent living is a great way to combat loneliness.

They can make friends and drive away social isolation that may result in depression, cognitive decline, and other health complications.

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Maintains Independence

According to the CDC, independence in older adults promotes their well-being. After most of their lives spent making the decisions for themselves, suddenly giving away decision-making power isn’t easy.

It can depress them, which in turn can also cause health complications. Unless completely necessary, independent living is a safer option. They can have the help they require and spend the rest of the time doing what they desire.

No Chores, No Hassle

After a lifetime of chores and maintaining household work, seniors can live hassle-free and with peace of mind. They don’t need to do the same chores as before because it’s covered under their living expense. There is also staff that handles the chores at the living facility.

Find Affordable Independent Living for Seniors

Independence is instilled in all of us from a young age. However, it gets hard to move around with age, leading to seniors needing a bit of help. Giving up complete independence is still difficult to do.

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