Understanding Life Care Communities

What does lifecare in Oklahoma offer? A life care community is a unique type of continuing care retirement community that offers seniors superior quality care for life in exchange for a fee. This means that your aging parents will receive quality accommodations, health care services, and onsite amenities despite their financial state.
It’s a great opportunity that gives you and the rest of the family peace of mind and confidence about your parents’ future. So, what makes lifecare in Tulsa different from rental communities?

Life Care Versus Rental Communities

What Is Life Care?

Life care is basically a plan that protects the future of your parents. In these communities, they will pay fees every month, including an entrance fee that serves as a down payment if they need more care in the future.
It’s a contract that guarantees your parents’ living accommodations and health care regardless of their financial status. So even if your parents’ needs change over time, life care still has them covered.

What Is a Rental Community?

Rental communities and life care communities are quite similar since you’ll pay monthly fees. However, the main difference is that you’re not required to pay an entrance fee in a rental community.
The fee charged every month is dependent on the current market rate for the type of care your parents need. For instance, seniors who choose assisted living will pay a higher rate than independent living residents.

How Much Should You Pay for Lifecare in Oklahoma?

The costs can vary, but one thing is for sure, investing in lifecare in Tulsa can save you a great deal of money in health care costs in the future.
Our years of experience can give you options that are sure to meet your loved ones’ needs. Call us today for a free consultation.

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