What's It Like Living in an Assisted Living Community

Do you ever wonder what it’s like to be in an assisted living in Edmond, OK? Interestingly, the place is not what you typically see in the movies. It’s relaxing, warm, and homey. These communities aren’t designed to look like a clinical setting but rather make residents feel at home while having access to professional assistance whenever necessary. The staff encourages independence but still offers help when requested or needed.

What's Life Like in Assisted Living Communities?

Morning Activities

Contrary to popular belief, life in assisted living is not strictly regulated, except for scheduled activities and mealtimes. As for the rest of the day, the residents are free to use the amenities at their disposal.
The good news is that these communities have 24-hour staff members, which means if your loved ones need help with anything, someone will always be readily available to assist.
Residents may also go to bed whenever they want and wake up at any time. Again, the schedule is not regimented, so they can pretty much do anything that interests them.
If a senior is under a regimen, a nurse will be there to dispense the supplements or medications to ensure that they get the proper dosage and the right timing. This service is known as medication management.
To avoid errors, only authorized staff are allowed to distribute and deliver medications. In addition, they are available when seniors require help with activities of daily living like bathing, personal hygiene, or dressing.

Meal Time

Most senior communities have scheduled meal times, and usually, everyone eats in one place.
All of the meal plans created are guaranteed to be nutritious, healthy, and meet the residents’ dietary requirements.


Senior living communities are known for their fun and entertaining activities, but movies failed to show you that these facilities are fully equipped with amenities such as libraries, swimming pools, play areas, putting greens, and many more that residents can use any time they want. It’s like a mini vacation.
And the best part is their family members can visit if they come during visiting hours.

Evening Activities

What do the residents do after dinner? You’ll be surprised to know that there are still activities seniors can enjoy in the evening.
They can visit their friends, watch movies, play cards, or they may choose to head back to the apartment to relax and read a good book. These facilities also offer free Wi-Fi so they can use it and enjoy surfing the web.
If seniors need assistance before bedtime, a care associate will help them. Then, all they need is to make a call. Each unit is also equipped with an emergency call button.

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